Hej, my name is Rowan Zajkowski and I'm a freelance UX & UI Designer from the Netherlands.

I’ve been designing digital products since 2008 for brands like Adidas, Albert Heijn, Proctor & Gamble, Ultimaker, Sanoma, Doculayer, Hewlett Packard, E&Y and many more.

I love working on user interfaces and creating something new that your customers will really enjoy using and is also easy on the eye. During my career I've worked on webapps, iOS and Android apps, games and custom touch interfaces.

Rowan Zajkowski +31(0)618816543 rowan@rowan.io

Designer, Scrummaster, founder and teacher

As a UX & UI designer and Certified Scrum Master I have a lot experience working in Agile environments and often combine scrum coaching with my design work. I really enjoy working closely with developers and for some reason developers like working with me.

In my spare time I'm also co-founder of Timi, the fastest time tracker you’ve ever seen. Ah, and I ocassionally teach design classes at Avans Hogeschool.

I'm always eager to meet new people, so don't hesitate to get in touch!

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